Citizens for Responsible Spotswood Development

* From Spotswood Golf Course Development Rezoning Application, filed with the City of Williamsburg; Frye Properties; January 2023; p. 48.

Let’s Protect Our Beloved Colonial Williamsburg from Irreversible Transformation

  • Current zoning allows for up to 86 single-family homes on this 37-acre parcel – half of the 172 units requested under Frye Properties’ rezoning proposal.
  • CW and Frye Properties have asked City Council to amend the zoning laws to accommodate the project, which will include townhouses, cottages, small “mews,” bungalows, and other single-family homes on small lots.
  • This high-density proposal not only ignores current zoning but is inconsistent with the city’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan. It will have enormous traffic, infrastructure, and environmental impacts.

Working Together, Our Voices Can Be Heard – This Is Not a Done Deal!

  • Attend our public informational meeting on April 12th to learn more about this project and its potential negative consequences, including traffic, safety, and environmental impacts.
  • We’ll also discuss steps you can take, including attendance at upcoming government meetings, emailing the Planning Commission, City Council, and Planning Compliance staff.

Here’s how to make your voices heard to oppose the high-density rezoning of Spotswood:

1. Email Williamsburg’s staff and members of the Planning Commission and City Council:

Tevya GriffinPlanning
Heather MarkleZoning
Andrew TrivetteCity
Pat DentVice
Barbara RamseyCity Council
Caleb RogersCity Council
Stacy Kern-SheererCity Council
James BoswellChair, Planning Commission (PC)
John Tarley, Jr.,1st Vice Chair,
Greg Granger2nd Vice Chair,
Marcia LiebelPC
John CalePC
Conor SokolowskyPC
Bill HamiltonPC

2. Like/Follow our Facebook Page – “Citizens for Responsible Spotswood Development” – for future updates and info about scheduled meetings. Share it with your friends!

3. Sign the “Spotswood Rezoning” Petition on to show your concern.

4. Below is a complete list of the emails from above that you can paste into a single email.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

5. Following is a sample email you can send to let your voice be heard.

Feel free to use any or all of this template, and to personalize it however you’d like

*   *   *   *   *

Dear _________,

I am writing to express my opposition to Frye Properties’ request to re-zone the Spotswood Golf Course property to pave the way for a high-density residential project, just steps from the heart of Colonial Williamsburg.

There are many reasons why this project should not be allowed, including (1) a dramatic increase in traffic resulting from the influx of residents and construction vehicles; (2) decreased safety on the nearby roadways for both drivers and pedestrians; (3) the loss of cherished green space; (4) environmental degradation of the area’s land and waterways; (5) increased noise and artificial light pollution; and (6) housing units that are visually at odds with the single-family homes in the surrounding area in both architectural style and density. These are all permanent impacts that cannot be reversed.

Williamsburg is not just any small town in America. It is unique in its rich history, brought back to life by the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg in the 1920s, and home to one of the oldest colleges in the nation. This project will negatively impact not only area residents, but the many visitors and who come to enjoy our city each year. As we approach the 250th anniversary of the founding of our country and the 100th anniversary of the CW Foundation, we can only expect (and hope) to see even more visitors to our town in the years to come. Important and ongoing research on the First Baptist Church and the Bray School will also attract new and returning visitors and help to fulfill CW’s mission — “that the future may learn from the past.”

I do not oppose reasonable, controlled development. But the unique location of the Spotswood property and the vision set forth in the city’s Comprehensive Plan dictates that the Planning Commission and City Council vote to maintain the existing low-density zoning in this area. Please don’t sacrifice our small-town quality of life for short-term financial gain. Vote “no” on the proposed zoning amendment.

Thank you for your consideration, and for all you do for Williamsburg.


(Your Name)